March 19, 2013

It's been 5 years..

     Well hello world! Do we still blog anymore? I took a much rather extended break from blogging. I felt between Facebook, Instagram and every day life I just couldn't keep up. I came back to see it looks as though not many blog still. So if you are out there, give me a shout out haha!

Jake and I celebrated 5 years on March 13th. Um... what? Since when am I old enough to celebrate 5 whole years of marriage? We took the day off to spend together. We saw a movie, did some shopping (makes this girl always happy) and ended the night at The Roof! I love that place. The Salt Lake Temple will always hold a special place in my heart.

We said no gifts this year because we are going all out on a nice trip to Hawaii in May/June but why did I ever think Jacob would listen? He didn't and instead surprised me with a one of kind handmade necklace made by his high school friend Nelsy!/pages/Tortugas-Design/280601168687 seriously check her out! They had been working on it for months and it turned out special. I love pearls and turquoise reminds me of my dear Grandma who just passed away in January so it has meaning to it. Lots of fun and exciting things are in store and coming soon :)